Workshops & Lectures

If you are have a quilt shop or are part of a guild or organization I would love to come speak or teach a class. Please fill out the contact me form below and I will contact you with more information.


I do a workshop on the Twister or Lil’ Twister tool using any one of my twister patterns. These can be done as a simple basic 3 hour class where you will learn the basic technique of cutting and piecing the twister blocks or a longer 6 hour class where you spend more time making the actual quilt.

I do a 6 hour workshop making either of the bag patterns.

I can also adapt any of my other patterns to 3 hour or 6 hour classes.

Lectures / Talks:

I have a lecture on the quilting tools of our past and how they have changed and effected our quilting lives over the years. I show old quilting tools that I have collected and their new (and improved?) counter parts along with quilts made using them.

I also have a trunk show where I will bring my quilts and talk about each one and how they became to be.

My lectures are generally between 60–90 minutes, but can easily be altered to accommodate your needs. For more information and to book me, please use the contact form below and I will contact with more details.

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