Quilt Block Travels

In my studio2While thinking about what I wanted to do on my blog I thought it would be fun to create a quilt block to hang out with me this year. Here is Little Quilt Block hanging out on my sewing table. Looks like there was lots of creativity going on this day.

In my studio1Then he went to the cutting counter to see what was going on over there. Of course he found some projects that are not quite done here.




With some of my quiltsLittle Quilt Block continued down the hall and found some of my quilts to hang out with. The blue and brown one in the foreground inspired a block of the month that I hosted at my local quilt shop. and the brown and peach log cabin quilt in the far background was made for a 4-H project a loooooong time ago. It was made back in the days when I was hand quilting all of my quilts.
In the fabric room


Next stop was the fabric room. I am lucky enough to live in a big farm house with lots of little rooms. This is both good and bad. Good because I have lots of rooms the spread out and bad because I have too many rooms to spread out in! This table actually has a couple of stacks of quilt tops that are ready to have the backings put together and the tops made into full fledged quilts. He found a jellyroll to hang out with for a while too.


In the fabric closetLittle Quilt Block decided to get brave and see what was behind the door of this cabinet and what did he find…..SURPRISE…..more fabric! One of my spare sewing machines is up there on the top shelf. On the inside of this door you can also see some of the rulers in my collection. That collection will probably be the subject of another blog post latter on. But you can see that I put command hooks on the inside of the door and hung many of my rulers here. The hooks have held up well for quite some time holding as many as three rulers on one hook.


Have a creative day!


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