Little Quilt Block Goes to Blissfield

Blissfield antique mall 1One day Little Quilt Block decided to see if he could go out and see a bit of the world around his place. He ended up in Blissfield Michigan. There he found some great antique malls to wonder around. “Wow,” he though “you spend hours here just looking at all these great antiques.” Suddenly he spotted an old blue and white quilt. He just had to get his picture taken with this one.

Blissfield antique mall 2In another shop he found a green and white quilt and got his picture taken again. “This is fun,” he thought. “I wonder if there are any more of these old quilts here.”


Blissfield antique mall 3Little Quilt Block did find one more quilt on his trip that day. An old faded double wedding ring quilt. This got Little Quilt Block dreaming. Wouldn’t it be great if he could grow up to be an antique quilt too!

But before Little Quilt Block can do that he thought that he should go out into the world and see what is out there. Find some adventure!

Raisin River Valley Railroad 1While he was in Blissfield he found another interesting place to stop and spend some time. The Raisin River Valley Railroad. There were lots of trains and displays to look at. Little Quilt Block had fun watching the guys as they played with the trains and they even let him join in the fun and took a couple of pictures while he was there.

Raisin River Valley Railroad 2

This got him to thinking that maybe someday he could ride on a real train…………


Stay tuned as the adventures of Little Quilt Block continue.


Have a creative day!


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Amy Reitzel


  1. That was interesting wish I had actually gone along but it was cute to see all the places available to check out in Blissfield. I think these adventure will be fun. Thanks for sharing these experiences with me!

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