Inside My Studio

Tonight I am going to start exploring my studio. Warning this could get scary at times. 

This is the gadget container that sits next to my machine. Just about everything I need is in here. (And a few things I do not know what are.)

First up are all the pens, pencils and marking tools I have amassed. 

Next the pins and needles. There are some thimbles and even a few crotchet hooks in there too. Rotary cutters, blades, snips and scissors. 

Measuring tools and machine quilting gloves. 

This is a pile of cutting template directions, newspaper clippings and misc. papers. 

And finally a pile of misc. stuff. There are seam rippers, tweezers, a peephole for getting a distant view of quilt layouts when you cannot get back far enough. And other odds and ends. 

Believe it or not all of this stuff really came out of this one basket. What is sitting next to your machine? 

Have a Creative Day!


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Amy Reitzel


  1. Would you say that you are a collector? It sort of looks like it to me, but I have to admit that I am one of those people, too.

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