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Welcome to my creative world. My name is Amy. I am the owner and chief designer for Amy’s Wagon Wheel Creations. I live in Michigan, USA with my husband and two cats Coco and Peppermint. Here they are ready to go on a quilting retreat with me recently. Coco is the one with the white on her face and paws. Peppermint has the perfect little tiger face.

Kittens Retreat

I grew up around sewing and eventually quilting. As a preschooler I would stand on the back of my mother’s chair as she sewed and pull the pins out as she came to them. She says she had no idea how much I was learning until I started to sew. I cut my Easter dress out when I was six and sewed my first garment when I was seven. That it was a stripped, hooded, set in sleeve shirt. To this day I still ask my mother what was she thinking letting me make that shirt for my first project. She just says I was determined that was what I was making and there was no arguing with me. I wish I had that shirt or at least a picture of it now.

First QuiltMy first quilt was a giant dahlia quilt. Years latter when a friend first saw that quilt she said “You made a giant Dahlia? Do you have any idea that is one of the most difficult quilts to make and get to lay flat?” My answer — “At the age of about 10? No”. Again I decided that is what I was making there was no stopping me. I actually still have this first quilt and here it is. And so the adventure began……

I hope to not only share my love of quilting with you but explore this wonderful hobby that we have all come to love with you. I plan to do some product reviews from time to time and I have a fun project that I am calling Quilt Block Travels to share with you, #quiltblocktravels. Stay tune for more details on that in a little latter posting.

Have a creative day.


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Amy Reitzel


  1. Hello Ms Wonderful!!!! I am so happy to see you up and running with such an attractive site! Lots of good patterns and great designs… something for everyone! BRAVO!

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