Got Snow?

Got SnowThis little guy started it all. I was working at my local quilt shop when we got in an adorable snowman stripe fabric. I thought it would make a great border for a snowman wall handing. I set out to find a good snowman to use as the center applique.  I wrote the pattern for the customers first. It was the owners of the quilt shop that encouraged me to start creating more patterns. Little did we know where this little guy would lead me.  Mr. Snowman is cute enough that you could use any winter themed fabric as a border if you can no longer find a border print.

At a time of the year when this quilt would usually fit right in around here instead of a foot or two of snow here in Michigan we had 60 degree temperatures and despite some pretty good winds to go with the warm weather I was able to take a good long walk outdoors. For those of you who are snowed in I hope you are staying warm and are able to take creative advantage of the day.

Have a creative day!


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