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Well life had been a bit crazy the past couple of months but hopefully I am back to blogging again. I have been able to get a little creative time in and today I could like to share one of those projects.

create a pincushionClover has created a kit f0r making your own pincushion quickly and simply. You can even change the cover fabric easily so that you can actually change the fabric to match each project. Clover has a tutorial on their site that shows how to put this pincushion together. The instructions call for the pincushion to be filled with fiberfill only. I was concerned about this because if you leave your pins in fiberfill too long they can rust. So I went one step further and I created a cushion filled with ground walnut shells that will help keep the pins sharp and help keep them from rusting. I am showing pictures below of my process.

pincushion1pincushion2First I traced the outside ring of the pincushion on a small piece of white fabric. This can be any scrap that will be lighter than your final outside cover fabric as it will not show in the final constructions. You do not want to use something too dark as it could change the look of your final piece if the outside fabric is too much lighter than this inner lining fabric. Next I pined two pieces of the lining fabric together and stitched right on the line I had just drawn.

pincushion3ground walnut shellsTrim a 1/4″ seam allowance around the circle. It is ok if it is not an exact 1/4″ all the way around. Now pinch just the top lining fabric and make a small cut in that piece only. You want to create an opening just big enough to pour in the ground walnut shells. Now you may be asking where do you buy ground walnut shells. Just ask at your local quilt shop and if they do not have them in stock they can order them for you. #plumeasy.

pincushion4pincushion5Turn your little lining circle right side out and fill it with the ground walnut shells. I admit I enlisted the help of my husband for this step. It was easier to fill with another pair of hands. Once the lining circle is filled just do a small whip stitch to close the small cut that you made.


pincushion6pincushion7Now is where we catch up with Clover’s tutorial. You can now put a little fiberfill in the pincushion base and then put the ground walnut shell cushion that you just created on top of that. Pick out your favorite fabric of the day or a scrap from your current project and put it over the base and the silicon ring around the base. Trim the extra fabric that is sticking out around the bottom and place the outside collar round the base.

pincushion8There you have it! Your very own personalized pincushion. You can use it as is or you can go on to decorate the outside collar if you wish. Even with making the extra ground walnut shell cushion this whol project did not take more than a half an hour to complete. #cloverusa

Sometimes when the weather is hot or life is throwing our creative time a curve ball you just need to sneak away and create something. It does not always have to be a complete project. I have been trying to work little by little on some UFOs (unfinished objects) even if it is just for 10 or 15 minutes here and there. It has helped keep my creative juices flowing.

Have a creative day!


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