It Is Called A Design Opportunity 

When I start a quilt I cut all of the pieces first before I start sewing. As I started making my blocks I found this pile of 150 – 3 1/2″ half square triangle blocks. I thought hmmmm I wonder what these are for as I did not have any light colored half square triangle blocks to match to them. I set them aside and continued on piecing following the directions one step at a time. I figured eventually those pieces would make sense. 

Wellllllllll I discovered those half square triangles were suppose to be 150 – 3 /2″ squares. Oh well I will cut a matching set of light half square triangle blocks and figure out something to do with them. 

So now I need to cut 150 new 3 1/2″ squares and this is what I had left of the original fabrics. Obviously this is not going to be enough fabric. So I dug out my scrap boxes to find other fabrics to substitute. Yes I said boxes, not one but all four. Sorting through I found enough contenders that I could start cutting. Eventually I had 150 – 3 1/2″ squares and can now get back in the business of sewing again. As for the 150 – 3 1/2″ half square triangle “design opportunity” blocks. I also took the time now to cut the matching light colored blocks to go along with them. And I really do have a plan for these too. Once this quilt is done I will work on the plan and share it. 

Not to be left out of the fun I think Peppermint has decided this is her quilt as once again I found her curled up in the project box on top of all the finished pieces. The moral of this story is that there are no cutting or piecing mistakes. They are always design opportunities. Most of the time the finished quilt becomes better than the original one.

Have a Creative Day!


Inside My Studio

Tonight I am going to start exploring my studio. Warning this could get scary at times. 

This is the gadget container that sits next to my machine. Just about everything I need is in here. (And a few things I do not know what are.)

First up are all the pens, pencils and marking tools I have amassed. 

Next the pins and needles. There are some thimbles and even a few crotchet hooks in there too. Rotary cutters, blades, snips and scissors. 

Measuring tools and machine quilting gloves. 

This is a pile of cutting template directions, newspaper clippings and misc. papers. 

And finally a pile of misc. stuff. There are seam rippers, tweezers, a peephole for getting a distant view of quilt layouts when you cannot get back far enough. And other odds and ends. 

Believe it or not all of this stuff really came out of this one basket. What is sitting next to your machine? 

Have a Creative Day!